Brookside infant 2

Principal's Welcome

Winch300Welcome to our school!

On behalf of all staff and pupils, I would like to welcome you to Drapers’ Brookside Infant School. If your child is the first in the family to join us, we hope that this will be the start of a very happy and productive time for you both. If you already have a child at the school, we are pleased to renew your acquaintance.

The Senior Leadership Team and I are incredibly proud of Drapers’ Brookside Infant School. In June 2016 we joined Drapers’ Multi-Academy Trust and strengthened our links with Drapers’ Brookside Junior School. We are now very excited for the future and look forward to working with the Junior School and all others that are a part of the Trust.

We are a very proud member of the Harold Hill community and our aim is to offer families an excellent education, new opportunities for all our pupils and facilities that are available to everyone. You are always welcome to come into the school and talk about your child. All visitors are asked to call at the school office first and the office staff will be able to answer many of your questions. The Vice Principal or I will see parents whenever possible, but on some occasions it may be necessary to make an appointment.

At Drapers’ Brookside Infant School we pride ourselves on our high standards. Our pupils are expected to work hard, be supportive of others, keep a good level of attendance and proudly wear their full school uniform. These standards are the foundations to ensuring that every pupil receives the best education. 

We look forward to working with your children during their time at Drapers’ Brookside Infant School.

Mrs Angela Winch
Executive Principal