Brookside infant 12


Our mission is to develop a life-long love of learning in every child and a keen spirit of enquiry about both people and places.

The ethos of our schools will derive from the proposition that everybody can achieve and that learning is both exciting and fulfilling.

Pupils will follow a broad and balanced curriculum with a strong emphasis on ensuring competency in numeracy and literacy, alongside effective speaking and listening, which are the key to success across all areas of learning. We believe that engagement is the key to pupils making good progress alongside a strong home school partnership.

We take a dynamic, thematic approach to developing children as learners. We encourage them to become independent by providing opportunities for them to make choices and explore for themselves. Teaching skills and learning dispositions such as being resourceful, resilient and reflective are high on our agenda. We strive to teach children to work both collaboratively, and independently. We enable pupils to develop their physical skills and promote their personal wellbeing. Through this approach children will engage fully in their learning, be able to evaluate their own progress and identify their next steps. In this way they will make consistently good progress on their learning journey.

We aim to deliver an inclusive curriculum where differences are celebrated and all children enjoy equal opportunities.  We aim to instil a strong sense of personal integrity and responsibility whereby children learn to care for themselves and others. Pupils are encouraged to respect others and the environment in which they live.

We aim for all our children to:

  • Become independent learners who value education and know how to improve
  • Develop levels of attainment, maturity and independence which will enable them to follow suitable and satisfying occupations, leading fulfilled lives in the future
  • Enjoy a wide range of educational experiences and develop broad and balanced learning skills
  • Respect and value themselves, other people and the environment
  • Take responsibility for their own actions and make informed choices
  • Recognise themselves as citizens of the wider world, understanding their role in our community and their wider responsibility to the global community

The Full Drapers' Brookside Infant and Junior Schools' Curriculum Map

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